Soul Mate

I recently saw a picture of Drew Barrymore that had me super excited.  This got me thinking, what would this fashionista’s outfit translate into as a room…?  I call it RUSTIC CHIC and this happens to be the word that characterizes my style of design.  The term rustic chic is true to my soul, as well as Drew Barrymore’s style ;).

Drew and her inspiring outfit!

Clean, yet rustic dining area (Courtesy of Living Etc.)

I absolutely LOVE this living room by Fluegge Interior Design-- Polished with some spunk! Check out this place! Around every corner there is a well thought out surprise!

Designer James Cramer nailed this farmhouse space. Love the black paint to accent the fireplace and windows!

I love to mix metal and wood-- the epitome of RUSTIC CHIC!

Rustic brick, with chic chandelier and bedding. Dream Bedroom!

Soul Mate by Benjamin Moore

Soul Mate by Benjamin Moore- I would use this mauve color to accent the color black in order to create a modern, yet simple Parisian look.  See what I mean…

A subtle mauve to act as a backdrop while black accents anchor the room.

Happy Monday… let the week be a breeze!!!



#1 Eve jaffe on 09.27.10 at 9:36 am

U have a great eye Kendra!
I love your style…rustic chic
I used to say that I dressed in casual chic ( or at least I tried)….:)

#2 Elyse on 10.09.10 at 9:11 am

This style seems put together but still very comfortable, which I love. The exposed brick bedroom reminds me of Chicago.

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