Polar Jade

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I have been recently inspired by the natural stone Jade from my trip to Costa Rica this past week. Panhandlers were selling this harmonizing natural stone in beautiful jewelry pieces and it got me thinking about ways to use in in the home. This wallpaper is a great mix of sexy, laid-back, and still interesting enough with it’s pattern. Curry and Co. really stepped it up this year with the recycled glass chandeliers and they beautifully display this jade tint. I am in love with this concrete and himalayan salt drum table, absolutely stunning! Also use accessories like these to finish off the serene look.

Polar Jade Blog Post by Nash Design Group

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Be a little bold and paint your cabinets something other than your usual white, grey, or beige. Polar Jade by Benjamin Moore is the perfect color for that! It gives your cabinets life but is still tonally neutral enough that it’ll go with all your materials. Plus it’s one of those colors that never gets annoying.

Polar Jade Blog Post by Nash Design Group