Indigo Batik

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Indigo is a deeply saturated cool tone that I love seeing in interior design and fashion. I think that it is a great summer color when paired with a light material such as cotton.

The rich indigo color has been used as a dye for many traditional fabric techniques. Before modern day screen printing, many patterns were created by hand by using dyes and stamps in various techniques. A few of my favorite processes are shibori and batik, which have been found in many contemporary designs lately. Reminiscent to the depths of water, indigo brings out a calmness wherever I see it.

If you are interested in creating your own pattern with dye, check out a few of these how to’s and kits: BatikShibori, and Sun Printing.

Indigo Batik Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Left, Top to Bottom: Romper | Pillow Cluster | Artwork | Pillow | Phone Case
Right, Top to Bottom: Bathroom Tile | Necklace | Place Setting | Utensils | Pants


Behr’s Indigo Batik is seen in the accessories that stand out against the neutrals. The balance of fun patterns and textures with bright colors of this living room designed by Collected Interiors keep everything lively while still balanced.

Indigo Batik Blog Post by Nash Design Group