Twisted Oak Path

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Growing up on the Central Coast of California, it was easy to take my beautiful surroundings for granted. Most drives on the freeway were accompanied by images of golden hills, dotted with majestic oak trees. The nearby coasts of Big Sur provided endless inspiration for my young creative mind. Nowadays, while San Francisco and the surrounding areas have their fair share of beautiful vistas and lookouts, I hold my connection to the Central Coast in the form of my prized Eyvind Earle print. Most recognizable as the man behind the captivating look of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Earle was an accomplished painter throughout the 20th century. What speaks to me most about his work is the way he captures the overall graphic quality of nature, while still retaining the subtleties and details that give each element its own unique voice. His use of elongation and play with form gives each of his works a sense of movement and life. Below¬†are ¬†some furnishings that would fit right into the world of one of his works. Click here to learn more about Eyvind Earl.


 Twisted Oak Path blog post by Nash Design Group

white + orange vases | ottoman | side table
art print | dining chair | red vase | table lamp | console


Beige doesn’t always have to be boring. In this vignette spotted on Domino, a similar shade to Twisted Oak Path is the perfect backdrop to show off a collection of vessels and artwork.

Twisted Oak Path by Nash Design Group