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At the PARC office, we definitely like to drum up conversation as we work and listen to music, all the while being very creative and business-like.  When chatting about our first experience with interior design, it usually relates back to our childhood pre-teen years when our loving and extremely patient parents let us design our own rooms.  From sun, moon and stars (like myself & Emily Finch) to Mariah Carey’s album Butterfly (Geno – and more on that later!) this is my new-found inspiration as I think of the constellations.


Constellation Blog Post by PARC Interiors

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area rug | lanternwall sconce

One of my favorite ways to use a pale blue like Constellation, is to brighten up a ceiling with it.  When paired with white walls, it has the ability to make it feel like the bright sky, all the while adding an unexpected, modern twist to a space.

Constellation Blog Post by PARC Interiors