Barely There

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One of the most common challenges set forth by our clients is to make a small, cramped room feel airy and spacious. My favorite way to trick the eye into perceiving more volume than we actually have is to incorporate furnishings which reveal some of what lies beyond them. When we can see glimpses of the floor beneath a chair, the fireplace beyond a coffee table, and the walls behind a mirror, our brain interprets the space as being larger and more open because our path of vision moves fluidly from surface to surface, uninterrupted. This weekend, I was inspired by a Living Room on Houzz¬†which featured light tones and transparent lucite as a means to visually maximize a tight space. (I actually interned with Lauren Henno, the designer, years ago in Santa Barbara!) Now here are some of my favorite items which make a dramatic statement all while appearing to be “barely there.”

Barely There Blog Post by PARC Interiors

lamp | artwork | wall hanging | ceiling pendant
mirror | coffee table | chair | candle holder | rug


This nearly-white tone has subtle hints of gray and beige, and sets the backdrop for a bright and open space. This small room via Rue Magazine feels cozy but not cramped with the tone swathed on the walls, floor, ceiling, and fireplace.

Barely There Blog Post by PARC Interiors