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Watermelon Red

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When I think of Fourth of July it reminds me of America, BBQ’s, and relaxing by the lake. Take a look at these great finds to help you prepare for a awesome, long weekend in the sun! This cocktail recipe is super simple, just grab your favorite popsicle and dip it in a refreshing glass of bubbly. Mhhh Delicious!


Watermelon Red Blog Post by Nash Design Group

cocktail recipe | table linens | glassware | pool floatie


Get a little playful with this bright and cheerful Watermelon Red by Benjamin Moore. Use it with traditional pieces to give it a transitional feel. It’s perfect for giving that summer cheerful vibe.

Watermelon Red Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Garland Green

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Decorating your home for the holidays is an instant way to inject a big dose holiday cheer right into your life. While there’s so much beauty to be found in traditional decor, it’s always fun to change things up every now and then. If you’re looking to get busy this season and put your hand crafting abilities to the test, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out the unique garlands below, and follow the links for directions on how to recreate them; or get inspired to come up with your own creation!


 Garland Green Blog Post by Nash Design Group


(left, top to bottom)
felt balls | magnolia leaves | acorns | donuts
(right, top to bottom)
chalk paint | paper fringe | paper trees | candy canes

Garland Green is a soothing, pale tone that has a timeless feel. In this room spotted on Lonny, a similar tone highlights traditional details while adding just the right splash of color.

Garland Green Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Dinner Party

Lisa headshotMy favorite thing about autumn and winter is getting together with family and friends to enjoy holiday meals. Whether it’s celebrating the holidays or just getting together with great company, there’s always plenty to look forward to when it comes to dinner parties. Give thanks to the host/hostess of a dinner party this year with a little gift!

 Dinner Party by Nash Design Group

phone case/pocket square | honey jar | decanter | beer chiller | candle
blanket | luggage tag | stamp kit | hot chocolate on a stick
toiletry case | flower grow kit | spice rack | cheese board


Dinner Party blog post by Nash Design Group

Benjamin Moore’s Dinner Party makes for a great accent color seen in this elegant tablescape photographed by Paige Jones. The hues of burgundy of the wine glasses and napkins tie in with the floral arrangement that features pomegranates for a very fall setting!

Witch Hazel

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Even as a child, Autumn was one of my favorite seasons. The chilly days and long nights always filled me with wonder and excitement. Growing up with movies like Hocus Pocus, Kiki’s Delivery Service and later, Harry Potter, I waited eagerly for my magic powers to blossom as I came of age. What little boy didn’t want to grow up to be a witch? (Ok I was probably in the minority for that one.) I eventually realized that the owl delivering an acceptance letter to Hogwarts was never coming, but it never stopped me from dreaming. While I always love a dash of creepiness in my own home, I thought it would be a fun exercise to imagine what a modern take on a magical & haunted & witchy pad would look like – no spiders allowed!

Witch Hazel Post by Nash Design Group

From top:
chandelier | side table | mirror | lamp | arm chair
wall sconce | secretary desk | woven chair | console | decanter
wood table | rug | candle holders | fireplace screen | boxes

Witch Hazel is a greenish-putty color that works well as a neutral, or as a dull wash of color. In this room from High Society Home, a similar shade serves as the perfect backdrop for other warm neutrals.

Witch Hazel Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Autumn Cover

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Everyone at the office has been patiently waiting for the cooler autumn weather to come along and I’m sure we’re not the only ones! As we approach the end of October, I’m eager to enjoy chillier evenings with warm drinks and cozy covers. It is just about time to bring out more layers and celebrate fall festivities. Until the temperatures drop, I’ve turned to bedroom inspirations of the coziest rooms that make me want to climb in bed and stay under the covers.

Autumn Cover Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Left, Top to Bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Middle, Top to Bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Right, Top to Bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Autumn Cover is a great accent to add in a room for instant warmth. Johnson + McLeod Design Consultants balances a warm, autumn orange and dark colors with natural materials such as driftwood for an even more inviting warmth.

Autumn Cover Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Cranberry Cocktail

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Cranberry Cocktail Blog Post by PARC Interiors

One of the most important parts of entertaining this holiday season is having your home bar in order. With a little help from my local West Elm, I was able to get my bar cart party-ready just in time for Christmas.


Cranberry Cocktail Blog Post by PARC Interiors


The easiest way to keep the party flowing and keep your guests entertained is to create an easy-to-serve signature drink. Using festive champagne as a base, I came up with a simple cranberry cocktail using only limoncello, cranberry nectar, muddled cranberries.


Mix 3 parts limoncello with 1 part cranberry nectar in a separate container to keep on hand. In your champagne glass, drop a few muddled cranberries, and pour a splash of the mixture to taste. Top with champagne, and you’re ready to go!


Cranberry Cocktail Blog Post by PARC Interiors


Add a little festive flare to your bar cart to keep the holiday spirit afloat. I went simple with a felt mistletoe hung on the wall, and some decorative objects accented with live greenery.


Cranberry Cocktail Blog Post by PARC Interiors


Besides the signature cocktail, I decked my bar out with a few staple bottles in case the signature cocktail runs out. A vintage cocktail shaker adds a decorative touch, along with a festive antler taper candle.


moscow mule mug / lacquer tray / small bowl / felt mistletoe / marble object / marble box
straws, champagne coupes, faceted vessel available in store at West Elm


Benjamin Moore’s Cranberry Cocktail (#2083-20) is a rich berry tone that adds vibrance to any space. See how the sofa pops against the neutral tones in this room, spotted on Chateau and Bungalow.


 Cranberry Cocktail Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Pine Sprigs

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If your Christmas is anything like mine, then you’ve spent the past week unpacking boxes, upon boxes, of holiday decor and transforming your home into a winter wonderland. With the stockings hung and and the presents wrapped, the only thing missing now is a tree. Though this season tends to revolve around the Christmas tree, I have to admit, it’s certainly not my favorite part. I seem to be lacking the green thumb that runs in my family, and am better known for killing any and all living plants. With my history, I can only presume that I would manage to kill the festive pine tree, and just in time for the big day, too! For that reason, I’ve decided to take the unconventional route this year; my tree presents itself in the form of a chalkboard and I love it! There’s no messy pine needles to clean up and it takes up next to no space! Love this idea, but still need a way to display your ornaments? No worries! There are so many new and innovative ways to reinvent the Christmas tree, you’re sure to find one that fits your style!

Here are a few of my top picks; I especially love the use of the ladder!

Pine Sprigs Blog Post by PARC Interiors

2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6
7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Pine Sprigs (#423), featured in the trim of this statement Entryway, has been presented as one of Benjamin Moore’s upcoming 2015 color trends.

Pine Sprigs Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Berry Fizz

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The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to incorporate some rich sultry hues in our lives – from a cute evening dress for those romantic holiday events, to layering fashion and home accessories in jewel tone colors, which escape you to exotic places like Turkey or Morocco, to finally opening that bottle of fizzy champagne and pairing it with a divine berry dessert to toast the night away simply because you deserve it!

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate this feminine bold color in your lives:


Berry Fizz Blog Post by PARC Interiors

clockwise from top left:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


For home décor, layer this color with shades of grey, or blues with a grey undertone to instantly create a more dramatic, grounded yet masculine feel. Bring in textures, like a rich brown leather sofa or plush pillows to help keep things soft and cozy. This hue can be incorporated to an accent wall for a bold statement, or stay seasonal by bringing in pops of this color in accessories, like throws, pillows, chairs or an accent rug.


Berry Fizz Blog Post by PARC Interiors

clockwise from top left:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


In fashion, spice up your holiday look with these rich berry undertones found in a bold statement dress, or a cozy feminine coat. Use it in more subtle ways with lighter accents, like a wide-rimmed winter hat, delicate classic earrings or a statement ring. December is all about glam, so ’tis the season to jazz it up and have fun incorporating metallic gold, glitter or sequins with this rich color as well.


 Berry Fizz Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Benjamin Moore’s Berry Fizz (#CSP-440) is the perfect seasonal color that instantly enriches and livens up your space. Hard Topix shows a beautiful interpretation of a fresh clean space that creates the perfect canvas when adding splashes of this vibrant berry hue. 

Glazed Pear

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This great, quick winter dessert is an instant classic. Cut the recipe in half for a small gathering, or make a full batch to enjoy the leftovers with your morning coffee! Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I love making an unexpected dessert to share with friends and family on such a special day.

Glazed Pear Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Benjamin Moore’s Glazed Pear (#1092) is a timeless and elegant hue that can bring warmth to any space. Bunny Williams uses a similarly-shaded wallpaper to create a luxe backdrop for this bedroom, complemented by bright pops of white.

Glazed Pear Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Pumpkin Spice

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Autumn is upon us so it’s time to cozy up next to the fire and have a piece of pumpkin pie. This holiday season the urge has been stronger than ever and I have indulged in everything-pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice might not be for everyone but you can definitely find its influence in candles, paint color, accessories and many treats. Here are some of my favorite sights and delights that have inspired me this upcoming holiday season.


Pumpkin Spice Blog Post by PARC Interiors

layer cake / bow headband / candle / dessert bars

cupcakes / latte syrup / hot chocolate


Benjamin Moore’s Pumpkin Spice (#126) is just the right color to add to your home this harvest season. Renowned architect Gill Schafer used this beautiful pumpkin color tone to bring warmth into the space while accenting all of the beautiful architectural details.

Pumpkin Spice Blog Post by PARC Interiors