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Twisted Oak Path

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Growing up on the Central Coast of California, it was easy to take my beautiful surroundings for granted. Most drives on the freeway were accompanied by images of golden hills, dotted with majestic oak trees. The nearby coasts of Big Sur provided endless inspiration for my young creative mind. Nowadays, while San Francisco and the surrounding areas have their fair share of beautiful vistas and lookouts, I hold my connection to the Central Coast in the form of my prized Eyvind Earle print. Most recognizable as the man behind the captivating look of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Earle was an accomplished painter throughout the 20th century. What speaks to me most about his work is the way he captures the overall graphic quality of nature, while still retaining the subtleties and details that give each element its own unique voice. His use of elongation and play with form gives each of his works a sense of movement and life. Below are  some furnishings that would fit right into the world of one of his works. Click here to learn more about Eyvind Earl.


 Twisted Oak Path blog post by Nash Design Group

white + orange vases | ottoman | side table
art print | dining chair | red vase | table lamp | console


Beige doesn’t always have to be boring. In this vignette spotted on Domino, a similar shade to Twisted Oak Path is the perfect backdrop to show off a collection of vessels and artwork.

Twisted Oak Path by Nash Design Group

Starburst Orange

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Lately I’ve been enjoying the use of various shapes in interiors. The idea of using geometry in design is nothing new – we find these shapes and patterns in nature and everywhere we look, and replicating them in our home brings us a certain level of comfort and familiarity. For example, hexagon tiles mimic the shape of the honeycomb structure. Mixing large and small-scale patterns, such as large-scaled wallpaper and smaller-scaled pattern on floor or bathroom tiles, can create balance and harmony that brings a room together. They also bring a modern look to a space – simply introduce a faceted vase, honeycomb lamp shade or chevron accent pillows.


 Starburst Orange Blog Post by Nash Design Group


left, top to bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
right, top to bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Whether the shape is as simple as a square or as complex as a starburst, this bright orange will add a pop of color to your space.

starburst orange in room

Collector’s Item

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Hidden away for many years, my collection of sea shells that I gathered as a kid during trips to the beach recently made its way out of an old drawer and into a glass bottle to be set out for display on my shelf. I was instantly reminded about how I got sand everywhere just to track down that shimmer of a shell I spotted and other fun memories. I’ve collected a good number of knickknacks and mementos over time and find myself noticing ways to creatively display items, sort of like a variation of Cabinet of Curiosities. Seeing many different collections from cars to coins to hats, I’ve been inspired by what others collect and how they’re displaying their things.

Collector's Item Blog Post by PARC Interiors-01

LEFT, TOP TO BOTTOM: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


Collector’s Item is a soft neutral that warms up a space and lets special features in a room come into focus. The assortment of framed artwork on display, seen in Roomed, catches your eye while the high ceiling, tall window and skylight draws your eye up and back into the center of the room.

Collector's Item in Room

Evening Skyline

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Evening Skyline Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Last Friday, I sat at the bar at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn and stared at this view of the sunset over Manhattan. The way the silhouettes of the bottles mimic the staggered skyline of the city was jaw-dropping. In fact, I spent most of my time in Brooklyn and the city ogling the gorgeous urban landscape. As much as I love the ocean and the mountains and Mother Nature, there’s a part of me that’s always lusted after a sexy loft in a big city. Here are some of my favorite city-inspired picks for the home:

Evening Skyline Blog Post by PARC Interiors

mural | painting | table lamp | stool
light | neon | coffee table | sign


Evening Skyline by Benjamin Moore is a dusty purple which looks stunning in the rug of this bedroom via Inside Out Magazine. Paired with fresh citrus hues, this color is great at balancing higher saturations and makes for a unique, layered palate.

Evening Skyline Blog Post by PARC Interiors

PARC Interiors + Guildery

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One of our favorite new fabric lines comes from Guildery. Located in the heart of downtown Los Altos, it has been a fabulous new source since it’s basically located in our backyard. There are tons of fun patterns, neutral modern prints, and fun pops of bright colors to choose from. Founder, Shea recently asked us to be a part by styling a collection from their amazing prints. We went neutral with a global modern twist. Check it out along with all the other fabrics Guildery has to offer.  And if you’re in the Los Altos area, check out their pop up shop where you can purchase pillows and other various pieces of upholstered furniture.

Guildery Event-01

Guildery Pop-Up Shop

170 State Street

Los Altos, CA 94022


Cactus Flower

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Because I was not blessed with the green thumb that most of my family members possess, my horticultural endeavors usually end in disaster. The plants in my apartment that have survived 3 moves through 2 cities over the last 7 years, however, are my cacti. No home is complete without a green element, but with the recent water shortage in mind, resilient cacti and succulent plants are the perfect plant to liven up your space. Even better than living cacti are the great cacti-themed clothing and accessories in stores right now – no water needed! These playful items are a great way to add a little bit of Southwestern flair to your summer.

 Cactus Flower Blog Post by PARC Interiors

shirt | diy pillow | tote | framed print
maxi dress | phone case | white planters
glass planters | hex mini planters | crop top

Cactus Flower is a wonderfully saturated pink that is sure to energize any space. This room spotted on Dicorcia Design uses a similar shade to create a modern backdrop for traditional furnishings.

 Cactus Flower Blog Post by PARC Interiors

South Beach

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It’s April, and you know what that means – Spring Break!! It had been a few years since my last trip to South Beach, where I indulged in late nights, boozy pool parties and extreme heat. But on a recent trip there, I couldn’t help be drawn to the softer side of the Miami enclave – pastels. The unique Art Deco architecture is often dripping with pastel tones of mints, corals and teals. The color palette isn’t all that different from the pastel Victorian homes that dot the hills here in the San Francisco Bay, and interiors of homes all over the Bay are following suit this spring. From mint kitchen cabinets to pops of pastel on chairs and furniture of all kinds, everyone is saying “yes” to the soft, subtle pops of color that pastels add to a space.


South Beach Blog Post by PARC Interiors

top to bottom
left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
middle: 1 | 2 | 3
right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

South Beach steals the show and pairs well with gentle pastel tones.

South Beach Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Bellbottom Blues

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It’s great seeing how modern day style takes on influences from the past. I’ve recently noticed fashion and decor accents from the seventies take a leap into the present. While it might not exactly be crochet vests or lava lamps that are being brought back, there are still many fun things that remind me of the past. (Like Church of 8 Wheels, a roller disco, in San Francisco) Take a look at a few of my found Seventies-inspired discoveries.


Bellbottom Blues Blog Post by PARC Interiors


outfit | pillow 1 | pillow 2 | wall hanging
wall hanging | side table | wall art

Benjamin Moore’s Bellbottom Blues is a great background color to add some character in a room. The shade of blue seen in Architectural Digest works nicely to highlight the art on the wall as the bold yellow chair and funky prints.

Bellbottom Blues Blog Post by PARC Interiors


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At the PARC office, we definitely like to drum up conversation as we work and listen to music, all the while being very creative and business-like.  When chatting about our first experience with interior design, it usually relates back to our childhood pre-teen years when our loving and extremely patient parents let us design our own rooms.  From sun, moon and stars (like myself & Emily Finch) to Mariah Carey’s album Butterfly (Geno – and more on that later!) this is my new-found inspiration as I think of the constellations.


Constellation Blog Post by PARC Interiors

scarf | tile | earrings | sweatshirt
door knob | wallpaper | artwork
area rug | lanternwall sconce

One of my favorite ways to use a pale blue like Constellation, is to brighten up a ceiling with it.  When paired with white walls, it has the ability to make it feel like the bright sky, all the while adding an unexpected, modern twist to a space.

Constellation Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Barely There

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One of the most common challenges set forth by our clients is to make a small, cramped room feel airy and spacious. My favorite way to trick the eye into perceiving more volume than we actually have is to incorporate furnishings which reveal some of what lies beyond them. When we can see glimpses of the floor beneath a chair, the fireplace beyond a coffee table, and the walls behind a mirror, our brain interprets the space as being larger and more open because our path of vision moves fluidly from surface to surface, uninterrupted. This weekend, I was inspired by a Living Room on Houzz which featured light tones and transparent lucite as a means to visually maximize a tight space. (I actually interned with Lauren Henno, the designer, years ago in Santa Barbara!) Now here are some of my favorite items which make a dramatic statement all while appearing to be “barely there.”

Barely There Blog Post by PARC Interiors

lamp | artwork | wall hanging | ceiling pendant
mirror | coffee table | chair | candle holder | rug


This nearly-white tone has subtle hints of gray and beige, and sets the backdrop for a bright and open space. This small room via Rue Magazine feels cozy but not cramped with the tone swathed on the walls, floor, ceiling, and fireplace.

Barely There Blog Post by PARC Interiors