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Bellbottom Blues

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It’s great seeing how modern day style takes on influences from the past. I’ve recently noticed fashion and decor accents from the seventies take a leap into the present. While it might not exactly be crochet vests or lava lamps that are being brought back, there are still many fun things that remind me of the past. (Like Church of 8 Wheels, a roller disco, in San Francisco) Take a look at a few of my found Seventies-inspired discoveries.


Bellbottom Blues Blog Post by PARC Interiors


outfit | pillow 1 | pillow 2 | wall hanging
wall hanging | side table | wall art

Benjamin Moore’s Bellbottom Blues is a great background color to add some character in a room. The shade of blue seen in Architectural Digest works nicely to highlight the art on the wall as the bold yellow chair and funky prints.

Bellbottom Blues Blog Post by PARC Interiors


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At the PARC office, we definitely like to drum up conversation as we work and listen to music, all the while being very creative and business-like.  When chatting about our first experience with interior design, it usually relates back to our childhood pre-teen years when our loving and extremely patient parents let us design our own rooms.  From sun, moon and stars (like myself & Emily Finch) to Mariah Carey’s album Butterfly (Geno – and more on that later!) this is my new-found inspiration as I think of the constellations.


Constellation Blog Post by PARC Interiors

scarf | tile | earrings | sweatshirt
door knob | wallpaper | artwork
area rug | lanternwall sconce

One of my favorite ways to use a pale blue like Constellation, is to brighten up a ceiling with it.  When paired with white walls, it has the ability to make it feel like the bright sky, all the while adding an unexpected, modern twist to a space.

Constellation Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Barely There

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One of the most common challenges set forth by our clients is to make a small, cramped room feel airy and spacious. My favorite way to trick the eye into perceiving more volume than we actually have is to incorporate furnishings which reveal some of what lies beyond them. When we can see glimpses of the floor beneath a chair, the fireplace beyond a coffee table, and the walls behind a mirror, our brain interprets the space as being larger and more open because our path of vision moves fluidly from surface to surface, uninterrupted. This weekend, I was inspired by a Living Room on Houzz which featured light tones and transparent lucite as a means to visually maximize a tight space. (I actually interned with Lauren Henno, the designer, years ago in Santa Barbara!) Now here are some of my favorite items which make a dramatic statement all while appearing to be “barely there.”

Barely There Blog Post by PARC Interiors

lamp | artwork | wall hanging | ceiling pendant
mirror | coffee table | chair | candle holder | rug


This nearly-white tone has subtle hints of gray and beige, and sets the backdrop for a bright and open space. This small room via Rue Magazine feels cozy but not cramped with the tone swathed on the walls, floor, ceiling, and fireplace.

Barely There Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Oxford Gray

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Spring is soon upon us, but until then, the air remains crisp with occasional glimpses of sunny days that bathe our cheeks enough to make us longing for more warm, balmy days to come. To help stay cozy during the remaining cool days, here are my favorite ways to incorporate layers of grey into your wardrobe and at home with a bit of an Oxford edge for sophistication. As the days start to get warmer, complement these shades of gray with warm beiges and soft pinks to help transition your home and wardrobe into spring.



Oxford Gray Blog Post on PARC Interiors

clockwise from top right:
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Oxford Gray Blog Post on PARC Interiors

clockwise from top right:
 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


Oxford Grey (#2128-40) provides a cool, fresh and neutral palette that embodies balance and harmony in a space. Incorporate natural wood materials to help bring the outside in, or layer with blue hues for a cooling effect and tan hues to automatically warm up the space.  Free House Interiors does an amazing job balancing textures with warm and cool tones in this bedroom below.

Oxford Gray Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Wood Grain Brown

Sally Forsch

Reclaimed wood is perfectly good lumber that is salvaged instead of sent to a landfill. The truth is that landfills are full of wood products that are perfectly usable. By salvaging the wood before it goes to the dump, you get a new product (like a beautiful accent wall), reduce deforestation and help the environment. Here, I have gathered some of my favorite reclaimed wood pieces with a variety of different uses, applications, and price-points.


Wood Grain Brown Blog Post by PARC Interiors


Wood Grain Brown Blog Post by PARC Interiors

barn door / light fixture / phone case / churchill / console / shelving / headphones / wall panels

Benjamin Moore’s Wood Grain Brown (#2109-30) is a beautiful saturated brown with gray undertones. It is a great selection to bring warmth into a space, as shown in this Living Room, via At Home in Arkansas.

wood grain brown in room

Gallery Buff

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My absolute favorite source of inspiration when I’m designing a space is art. Art is such a personal form of self-expression, and a client’s collection tells us a story about their life, their style and even their personality. I like to think of interior design as a form of art where the entire space is our canvas, and the process is an intimate creative collaboration between the designers and homeowners.

Lately there has been a huge trend of artists collaborating with fashion and home goods companies. I love that this trend is showcasing artists that are new to the scene, and is making art accessible to the average consumer. These are some of my favorite fun and vibrant pieces that let your artistic style shine on the street and in your home just as it does in your art collection!

 Gallery Buff Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Phone Case / Pillow / Print / Sneakers / Fabric / Tote Bag / Clock / Calendar

Gallery Buff by Benjamin Moore (#CSP-225) is a classic “greige” – a neutral somewhere between a gray and a beige. This tone is the perfect backdrop for showcasing vibrant colors or artwork in a space. Romanelli & Hughes used the color beautifully on the walls of this artist’s studio, where it compliments the rustic wood and teal accents and provides a soothing environment for the artist’s creative process.

Gallery Buff Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Gypsy Love

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With summer fast-approaching, Lady Gaga’s Gypsy has been inspiring me to embrace my inner free-spirit and hit the road. But as fun as it would be to see the world, the easier option is to bring the world to you. Here are some of my favorite items that can help your bedroom become an oasis that surrounds you with global flare.

Gypsy Love Blog Post by PARC Interiors

headboard / bedding / mirror / floral pillow / oil lamp / antique map / rug / side table / dragon pillow / lantern / hammock

Benjamin Moore’s Gypsy Love (#2085-30) is a raspberry color that adds brightness and a dose of fun to any space. As seen on this Pinterest find, Gypsy Love brings a fresh pop in an antique color.

gypsy love in room

Rooftop Garden

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Happy Friday! With all this gorgeous weather, I’ve been giving my deck some extra love. Using that area as another living space doubles my room for entertaining, and provides a lovely environment for weekend relaxation! Here are some inspiring rooftop gardens, and my favorite picks for gardening vessels and accessories. Enjoy!

Rooftop Garden Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Clockwise from Top Left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Rooftop Garden Blog Post by PARC Interiors

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

​Rooftop Garden by Benjamin Moore (#CSP-765) is a dusky, urban green which looks beautiful on the windows of this​ brick-facade estate ​​by Windsor Companies. The muted green complements the colors of the surrounding garden and the architecture of the home.
Rooftop Garden Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Chilled Chardonnay

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Spring has sprung and nothing gets me more in the mood for the upcoming summer months than a nice, luscious, chilled glass of wine.  Though 8.5 months pregnant, a girl can dream!  But in the meantime, that is what I must do: fantasize of wine tasting in Napa, wearing clothes that actually fit me.  Here’s to my dream: my perfect look for wine tasting with the perfect pairing of wine.

Chilled Chardonnay Inspiration by PARC Interiors

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Benjamin Moore’s “Chilled Chardonnay” is a tawny beige which acts as the perfect warm neutral for walls whether in a modern, mediterranean, or traditional space.  I love how it looks with a rich color like army green, as shown in this space via House Beautiful:

Chilled Chardonnay in Room

Natural Elements

Sally Forsch - Interior Designer, Remodels & Construction

In all of our designs we find it important to incorporate elements of nature. These items often add interest to the space in the form of texture.
Here are some of my favorite nature-inspired textural pieces:

Natural Elements Textural Inspiration

1. Calcite Geode from Z Gallerie; 2. Donatella Mirror from Made Goods; 3. Cable Rug from Room & Board; 4. Pru Lidded Box from Arteriors; 5. Diamond Foil Jute Pouf by West Elm; 6. Coco Mirror by Made Goods; 7. Serena Drum Chandelier from Maison Luxe

These items to speak to our paint color, “Natural Elements” by Benjamin Moore. This is a creamy, soft color with faint yellow-green undertones, which looks beautiful in this Dining Room by Margaret Donaldson Interiors. We love how the color allows the architectural elements of the room to pop, while providing a warm, neutral backdrop for the elegant furniture in this design.

Natural Elements by Benjamin Moore in Room