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Scenic Drive

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All of us are ready for summer to hit and what’s a better way to prep for summer than planning a getaway! With so many scenic spots in the area just a short drive away, I plan on taking advantage of the days getting warmer and staying light out longer. Pack your bags with some travel items that will help you enjoy the getaway without any worries.


Scenic Drive Blog Post by Nash Design Group

baseball cap | earbuds | snacks | water bottle
iphone lens | backpack | travel blanket + mask


Benjamin Moore’s Scenic Drive is a relaxing shade of green that reminds me of lush landscape seen on road trips through the woods. Cocolapine finds a way to capture the color into a tranquil bedroom.

Scenic Drive Blog Post by Nash Design Group


Hacienda Red

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A few weeks ago my hubby Jared and I were relaxing on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and within a few hours we were being evacuated inland to Guadalajara. It was a such a bummer that we didn’t get the much needed relaxing time complete with margaritas, however instead of seeing “Hacienda Red”, we made lemonade out of lemons and decided to explore the shopping in Guadalajara.  And let me tell you, the artisans are beyond talented in the area- complete with custom metal lighting, brightly painted ceramics, carefully crafted wood tables, and my personal favorite: the luscious colored textiles that are complete with the most amazing details.  Olé!!

 Hacienda Red by Nash Design Group

Hacienda Red Blog Post by Nash Design Group


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I went to see Jurassic World in 3D this weekend and it gave me some serious adventure-envy. I’m pretty sure in a past life I was a dinosaur tamer or mountain trekker or safari guide… which would make sense since it’s no secret around the NDG office I have a serious penchant for all things global-inspired and animal-print.

What I love most about the present-day design industry is the constant flow of new technologies and innovation, which means an equal flow of awesome new products and ideas. Lately I’ve been especially digging the “I can’t believe it’s not real” exotic-inspired vinyls on the market. I swear, you could hold this stuff in your hands and have no idea it’s not real croc or ostrich or python — and it’s incredibly durable, to boot!

A couple of those vinyls have snuck their way in below, where I share some of my favorite safari-inspired, wanderlust-inducing items for your global modern home.


Safari blog post by Nash Design Group

rattan chair | DIY leaf art | water buffalo horn coffee table
stacked horn floor lampfaux python accent table | faux ostrich wall sconce
mongolian lamb stool | tiger rattan mirror | vintage cowhide

Seen here in the stunning stone wall and accent pillows, Safari by Benjamin Moore is a soft yellow which casts a warm glow on this global-inspired space by Ksar Living.

Safari blog post by Nash Design Group


Evening Skyline

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Evening Skyline Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Last Friday, I sat at the bar at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn and stared at this view of the sunset over Manhattan. The way the silhouettes of the bottles mimic the staggered skyline of the city was jaw-dropping. In fact, I spent most of my time in Brooklyn and the city ogling the gorgeous urban landscape. As much as I love the ocean and the mountains and Mother Nature, there’s a part of me that’s always lusted after a sexy loft in a big city. Here are some of my favorite city-inspired picks for the home:

Evening Skyline Blog Post by PARC Interiors

mural | painting | table lamp | stool
light | neon | coffee table | sign


Evening Skyline by Benjamin Moore is a dusty purple which looks stunning in the rug of this bedroom via Inside Out Magazine. Paired with fresh citrus hues, this color is great at balancing higher saturations and makes for a unique, layered palate.

Evening Skyline Blog Post by PARC Interiors

South Beach

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It’s April, and you know what that means – Spring Break!! It had been a few years since my last trip to South Beach, where I indulged in late nights, boozy pool parties and extreme heat. But on a recent trip there, I couldn’t help be drawn to the softer side of the Miami enclave – pastels. The unique Art Deco architecture is often dripping with pastel tones of mints, corals and teals. The color palette isn’t all that different from the pastel Victorian homes that dot the hills here in the San Francisco Bay, and interiors of homes all over the Bay are following suit this spring. From mint kitchen cabinets to pops of pastel on chairs and furniture of all kinds, everyone is saying “yes” to the soft, subtle pops of color that pastels add to a space.


South Beach Blog Post by PARC Interiors

top to bottom
left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
middle: 1 | 2 | 3
right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

South Beach steals the show and pairs well with gentle pastel tones.

South Beach Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Mediterranean Olive

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I just returned from an awe-inspiring and rejuvenating trip to the Mediterranean! Although I have enough drool-worthy travel photos to fill your screen, I thought I’d make this post about something a little more helpful and a little less boastful. 😉 I spent one week each in Spain and Greece, and in both countries olives abound! From the food, to the gift shops, to the gardens, olives were everywhere and I was reminded of my affinity for the fruit, the beautiful trees, and the ever-versatile and chic color of olive green.

Anyone who knows me knows that my wardrobe is almost entirely comprised of gray, blush pink, and olive green. Olive is absolutely one of my favorite colors for fashion and interiors, as it is one of those sneaky and amazing color-neutrals. It’s green, but it’s gray; it can be the color accent in a space filled with white and black, or play second fiddle to other gorgeous, more saturated colors like aqua and fuchsia. It’s the ultimate chameleon of color.

Like most colors and design elements, olive can be incorporated in smaller doses for a subtle impact, or grander applications for a bold statement. The fashion and interior design industries are calling it one of the hottest colors for this season, but it’s timeless as well! Here are some of my favorite ways to use olive green in your space:

Mediterranean Olive Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Let’s start small. These spaces all show a brilliant use of olive green in a small dose, but perfectly balanced with rich textures and crisp black and white. Olive green acts as the accent color in these mostly-neutral rooms, without being too bright or overwhelming. 

Mediterranean Olive Blog Post by PARC Interiors

If you crave a little more olive in your life, painted cabinetry in a kitchen or bathroom is a great place to use the color. As a medium-dark tone, this cabinetry can add drama without overpowering the space. As you can see here, olive can ground bright white marble and beadboard in a bathroom, add color to a black and white kitchen, or pair brilliantly with robin’s egg blue and rich walnut. 

Mediterranean Olive Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Olive green velvet on an elegant sofa or pair of chairs is rich and inviting. The color can be contemporary on a style that’s clean and refined, luxurious on a piece with tufting, or funky in a space with other fun elements and colors. 

Mediterranean Olive Blog Post by PARC Interiors

The ultimate dedication to color: painting your whole space! Olive green as a wall color is powerful yet soothing; a chic deep tone that adds personality to a room but also incorporates muted undertones. I love how this color looks in a room with natural textures, a pop of unexpected color, or black and white contrast. 

Mediterranean Olive Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Let’s get literal: olive trees or branches themselves are lovely as the greenery in your home or landscape! Large shrub-shaped olive trees elegantly frame an entryway, or a single topiary-shaped tree looks pretty in a basket in your living room. Olive branches can be arranged in a modern glass vase on a console table, or larger bushels placed all the way up your stairs can add romance and texture. 


Mediterranean Olive Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Mediterranean Olive by Benjamin Moore is a beautiful version of this hue. It’s dark and rich, with a wonderful balance of green and gray. Use it in any of the ways described above, to make a small or big impact in your space!


PS If you’re really disappointed there isn’t any travel eye candy here, you can head on over to my Instagram account for a few shots I took. Enjoy!

sources (clockwise from top left)
small accents: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
cabinetry: 1 / 2 / 3
velvet upholstery: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
paint a wall: 1 / 2 / 3
olive trees: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Wild Blue Yonder

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It’s vacation season and I’m planning a trip of my own for September, so I thought ​I’d share my favorite travel tips and goodies with you all!

​In addition to the obvious essentials (cozy scarf, comfortable shoes, chic carryall…), there are three apps I can’t travel without! I’m a bit of a tech geek, and these tools are incredibly helpful.

TripAdvisor: This brilliant website & app are by far my favorite tool for planning trips! It’s like yelp for travel: reviews on everything from hotels to guided tours, and tons of forums with advice and input from other travelers! Whenever I’m planning a trip I start here for help deciding when to go, where to stay, what to do, and how to get around. There is also an app with downloadable city guides for all major cities worldwide – especially handy for international travel because you can access everything offline, including maps with navigation!
Evernote: ​This note-taking app is another handy way to organize your vacation plan. You can create multiple notebooks for different destinations, and tag notes with subcategories. I clip all my flight and hotel confirmations into this app, as well as other tips and ideas for my trip. Also available offline, this is the perfect way to have everything I need in one place without needing internet access!
Next Issue: This app has all the magazines you could want, all in one place and under one monthly subscription! I never buy paper magazines or books anymore, and was subscribing to dozens of e-magazines ​on my iPad separately until I read about Next Issue. I load the new issues of Travel & Leisure, Elle Decor, and Harper’s Bazaar before my flight and have reading material to last me till touch-down!

Now that you’re ready to plan your trip like an expert, here are some of my favorite fashionable essentials to take with you! Safe travels!



Wild Blue Yonder Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Wild Blue Yonder Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Portable Charger / Bag / Tripadvisor / WatchScarf

Passport Cover / KimonoNextIssue / Journal / Shoes

Benjamin Moore’s Wild Blue Yonder is a gorgeous, dusty blue which looks stunning as the backdrop to this luxurious bedroom. Paired with black velvet and creamy neutrals, the look is soothing and rich! (image via Pinterest)

Wild Blue Yonder Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Gypsy Love

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With summer fast-approaching, Lady Gaga’s Gypsy has been inspiring me to embrace my inner free-spirit and hit the road. But as fun as it would be to see the world, the easier option is to bring the world to you. Here are some of my favorite items that can help your bedroom become an oasis that surrounds you with global flare.

Gypsy Love Blog Post by PARC Interiors

headboard / bedding / mirror / floral pillow / oil lamp / antique map / rug / side table / dragon pillow / lantern / hammock

Benjamin Moore’s Gypsy Love (#2085-30) is a raspberry color that adds brightness and a dose of fun to any space. As seen on this Pinterest find, Gypsy Love brings a fresh pop in an antique color.

gypsy love in room

Festive Orange

Sally Forsch

Festival Season is here! From now until late fall, we have access to a wide variety of amazing music festivals to attend. From local events like Outside Lands and BottleRock Napa in our own backyard, to Lollapalooza in Chicago and Governor’s Ball in New York, there is a festival for wherever you live. As we gear up for these approaching events, I thought I’d share some essential items to make the most of your music-filled day/weekend.

Festival Orange Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Camera / Sunglasses / Hat / Picnic Blanket / Scarf / Water Bottle / Leather Bootie / Satchel / Hand Wipes

Benjamin Moore’s Festive Orange (#2014-10) is a stimulating hue that is a real attention-grabber. This vibrant orange can be used to give a space a burst of energy. I love the idea of using it as a bold statement piece in an otherwise neutral space, as seen with this Dining Room Buffet from Design Megillah.

Festive Orange Blog Post by PARC Interiors

Return to Paradise

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This past weekend I took a roadtrip back to my hometown, Santa Barbara. Though I love living in the Bay Area now, I can’t complain that I can call such a beautiful place my second home!

Santa Barbara has always had plenty of delicious food and wine, but recently there has been a major influx of tasting rooms and restaurants in the area previously known as the “Funk Zone.” The now dubbed “Urban Wine Trail” is an area right along the ocean and State Street that had long been a mecca for local artists and craftsmen. In recent years, the industrial buildings and artists’ shacks have been converted, one by one, to beautiful, unique tasting rooms and eateries.

Here is a guide to my perfect Santa Barbara Saturday. Cheers!

Perfect Saturday in Santa Barbara

Links: Boathouse / Salt / Santa Barbara Public Market / East Beach / Urban Wine Trail / Kunin Wines / Drake Wines / Area 5.1 / Deep Sea / SB Shellfish Co.

Benjamin Moore’s “Return to Paradise” #2038-50 is a saturated, bright teal which looks lovely when balanced by cream and beige neutrals. Martha O’Hara Interiors perfected that palette in this beachy kids’ study space:

Return to Paradise in Room