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Flower Power

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Everything old, is new again. As a designer, I am constantly in search of vintage pieces. However, many times clients prefer to mix and match their vintage with new. We currently have a client looking to give a few nods to the 1960 and 1970’s in her amazingly eclectic home in Palo Alto. Check out some of our sources that will make you want to watch episode after episode of Mad Men, throw up your peace sign and give praise to Flower Power.


Flower Power Blog Post by Nash Design Group


tray | table lamps | sofa
dresser | chair | broach | glassware


I love pairing Benjamin Moore’s sultry chartreuse tone with a neutral palette of wood, black, white and tan. Though we often see bright tones in childish spaces, I find when using it in this neutral nature, it allows such a paint color to work in an adult-like space.

Flower Power Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Mauve Desert

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I’ve never been much of a pink loving girl – I’ve always tended to lean towards cooler tone colors – but there is just something about mauve that I absolutely can’t get enough of. To me, its the right blend of smoky pinks, purples, and greys that make it a great color to pair with. When paired with lighter colors, it becomes airy and soft. Throw in some orange into the mix and it becomes warm and bright like a desert sunset. It works well as a neutral and as an accent. Take a look at some of my findings to see what I mean!

Mauve Desert by Nash Design Group


amethyst artwork | bowl | clutchwoven pendant
ombre vase | floor vase | nail polish
blanket | landscape artwork | sweater


Benjamin Moore’s Mauve Desert nails the perfect shade of desert hues that are so unique and found in the landscape of specific regions of the world. Coco Lapine Design shows how a mauve linen tablecloth plays as a neutral background on a table set with great accessories. The white tableware, brass utensils, dark candles, and matte black vase contrast against the light tablecloth. Romantic and moody? Yes!

Mauve Desert Blog Post by Nash Design Group


Rain, Rain, Go Away

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I’m all about staying home on rainy days and cuddling up close to the fire with the ones I love. Unfortunately, during the workweek we need prepare to defend the rain. Dance in the rain with these stylish and comfy rain boots from Hunter, take a large, sturdy Bella Umbrella to stay dry and then come home to relax at the end of the day with a chunky knit blanket and cozy socks from Etsy. Warm your body and hands by making a hot cup of coffee or tea to enjoy in a large stone cup from Anthropologie.

 Rain Rain Go Away Blog Post by Nash Design Group

umbrella | rainboots | stoneware mug
plaid throw | knit blanket | knit socks


This winter try a warm tone that helps make any room feel cozy and relaxing with Benjamin Moore Luxe AF-580. This 2016 color of the year goes well with many different color combinations and will add the perfect amount of color to your space.

Rain Rain Go Away Blog Post by Nash Design Group


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This Christmas, surprise the one you love with one of Principal Designer, Kendra’s heartfelt gifts.  Keep dancing with Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones in rose gold, snuggle up with a killer geometric blanket, lather up with a Molten Geo Soaprock, or get your caffeine fix with the newest Kitchen Aid coffee maker.  These go-to gifts are the perfect way to say I love you in the most heartfelt and fashionable way.

 Heartfelt Blog Post by Nash Design Group

left, top to bottom:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
right, top to bottom:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
If you are going to go bold, go for it like Brittany Ambridge did and paint this jaw dropping hue on your Entry walls with black gloss trim.  It is a sure way to bring glam, fun, and richness to a space.  Or if you’re feeling less daring, use it as an accent color with a complimentary color like navy.  Either way, it’s a fab color that will keep heads turning.
Heartfelt Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Simply White

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I love color as much as the next girl, but sometimes the best way to show that color off is with a crisp, white backdrop. Especially if the style of the space is eclectic, white walls can help keep everything feeling fresh and cohesive. This also allows the special pieces in the room to really take center stage and sing their hearts out. One-of-a-kind art, vintage textiles, and unique collections are best complimented this way. Believe it or not, white walls work for every space in the house, even (you guessed it) kids’ rooms! Check out some of my favorite examples:

Simply White Blog Post by Nash Design Group

left, top to bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
right, top to bottom: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Simply White by Benjamin Moore was just named the 2016 Color of the Year! As you can see above, painting your walls white gives a truly neutral and unobtrusive backdrop for treasured items and architectural details.

Hacienda Red

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A few weeks ago my hubby Jared and I were relaxing on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and within a few hours we were being evacuated inland to Guadalajara. It was a such a bummer that we didn’t get the much needed relaxing time complete with margaritas, however instead of seeing “Hacienda Red”, we made lemonade out of lemons and decided to explore the shopping in Guadalajara.  And let me tell you, the artisans are beyond talented in the area- complete with custom metal lighting, brightly painted ceramics, carefully crafted wood tables, and my personal favorite: the luscious colored textiles that are complete with the most amazing details.  Olé!!

 Hacienda Red by Nash Design Group

Hacienda Red Blog Post by Nash Design Group

White Diamond

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I’m not a huge fan of traditional bling, but design bling? Heck yes. Some killer faceted pieces have been catching my eye lately, and I must say I’m totally hooked. When interpreted as faceted glass, metal, or ceramic, these diamond-inspired accessories are fresh and modern, and not too girlie. Check out some of my favorites below:

 White Diamond Blog Post by Nash Design Group

wrist watch | light bulb | faucet | ring | wall mirror
iphone casesconce | pendants | clutchglassware

White Diamond by Benjamin Moore is a very cool-toned white, which is the perfectly crisp backdrop to colorful, eclectic furniture and art in blogger-designer Emily Henderson‘s LA abode.


White Diamond blog post by Nash Design Group

Orange Sky

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After proclaiming orange as my favorite color in the early 2000’s, I spent years trying to distance myself from what, in retrospect, were some pretty awful orange fashion and decorating decisions. Now that enough time has passed, I’ve re-embraced the love for this tricky color. Looking to luxury brands like Hermés and Veuve Clicquot, who use orange as their signature color, it’s easy to see how to use orange effectively. Day to day, we see orange in a lot of contemporary designs, but I was curious to see orange used in all different styles of interiors. Below are some of my favorite rooms that use orange in unique and impactful ways.

Orange Sky Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Left, from top: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Middle, from top: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Right, from top: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


Orange Sky is a bright and optimistic color that would bring a punch to any space. In the room below by Amelia T. Handegan, a similar shade on the walls creates an exciting backdrop for traditional furnishings.

Orange Sky Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Molten Metallic: Copper

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Copper furniture and accents is one of the biggest trends of 2015, and we’re not surprised as it is such a versatile look. It instantly makes any room more dramatic, and pairs well with light, muted schemes and dark, moody rooms alike.

 Molten Metallic Copper Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Clockwise from top left:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
67 | 8 | 9 | 10


Molten Metallic: Copper instantly adds depth and intrigue to a space, much like the copper leaf in the space below.

Molten Metallics Copper Blog Post by Nash Design Group

Catalina Tile

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As it is getting closer to the end of summer, I’m enjoying as much down time on the warmer days as much as possible. Last year, I went on a short vacation and stopped at Catalina Island, a small island that sits off the coast of Southern California, along the way. The weather was warm and there was plenty of blue water but what I was drawn to the most were the beautiful tiles all throughout the main city. I had visited the island when I was younger but mostly remember tourist activities like the glass bottom boat ride for a clear view of the sea life down below so noticing the architecture of the city that I hadn’t seen before was a nice surprise. The main street had a water fountain decorated in colorful tiles as well as all along the town’s pathway by the water. And how gorgeous is this ceiling?!

Tiled dome ceiling

The number of new techniques of manufacturing tile and tile look alikes have really allowed for more fun touches of design all throughout. From traditional tile on risers of a staircase to a more modern tiled fireplace, the hint of tile is a great addition. Even a patterned tile wallpaper is an easy solution for a quick upgrade!

Catalina Tile Blog Post by Nash Design Group

top to bottom:
left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
mid 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
right 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

This bathroom by Etica Studio balances the warm color of Kelly Moore’s Catalina Tile in a traditional floor design with contemporary designs for plenty of charm.

Catalina Tile Blog Post by Nash Design Group